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Errol Stallholder Arrival Info.

Stallholders can access the Errol Showground from the National Route 77, Salmon Run just to the north east of the village of Errol, there will be signs to direct you.

Stallholders will enter the site through the ‘blue gate’ entrance and must not block the road, or the entrance if waiting before 7am. This entrance has 24 hour access for other businesses around the site and for emergency vehicles should they be required.

Stallholder vehicle entry through the ‘blue gates’ onto the site is from 7am, vehicle passes must be displayed at all times.

Each pitch/stall gives access to 2 people and 1 vehicle.

You will receive 2 stallholder wristbands along with your 'Stallholder Pack', please take care of these, the wristbands MUST be worn on entering through the ‘blue gate’ (this will be checked and will delay you if not) and at all times, these will need to be shown whilst moving around the fair, at least until 8.30am when early trade buyers gain access.


If any problems prior to the fair contact us – replacements will be issued on a case by case basis and a fee, plus P&P will be charged.

Strictly no trade to enter with stallholders, anyone found to be trying to ‘smuggle’ in early trade will jeopardise future attendance.

Vehicles will be directed from the blue gate to the site entrance, then to either the unloading points for indoor stalls or to their pitches on the events field. Indoor stall holders will also be directed where to park once unloaded.

Early trade will be permitted on site from 8:30, any vehicle movement by stallholders from this point must be done with extreme care.

General admission is from 10:00 – 16:00 and there should be no vehicle movement during the opening times of the fair.

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